About Us


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to our website.

Our journey started from our deep wish to share our love and passion for candles with all that want to know about these beautiful creations that have been around for hundreds of years.

Candles are definitely one of those things that have a deep meaning for all of us .
They are one of those rare things that can be a part of our life’s in the sad and also in the good in the moments of love and also in the moments of hurt that we through in our lives.

Candles are those things that can turn a sad lonely evening into one filled with peace and relaxation one in which you can reflect upon those important things in life.
They can turn a dinner with you’re loved one into one of the most special moments of you’re life.

All in all what we write is our opinion and our way of sharing our love with everyone who visits our place of comfort as we like to call it.

Enjoy and have fun guy’s.



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